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The Amplified Voice of Team Sri Lanka at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games







A Nation's Roar: The Amplified Voice of Team Sri Lanka at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic GamesBackground: Ahead of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Sri Lanka Olympics Committee made a crucial decision: enlisting Eventistry to market Team Sri Lanka. With a contingent of 9 talented athletes ready to represent their nation, it was paramount to create awareness and excitement not only in Sri Lanka but globally.

Campaign Objective:
Generate nationwide awareness about the team representing Sri Lanka. Build unparalleled hype and excitement surrounding the 2021 games.

The Story:
The Olympic dream isn't just an athlete's. It belongs to a nation. This dream is built not every four years but every day, in the heart of every trial, triumph, and turbulence our athletes face. To underline their journey, Eventistry encapsulated the spirit of Team Sri Lanka with the theme, “Defy Barriers”.

Strategic Implementation:
Eventistry employed a multifaceted approach to amplify Team Sri Lanka's presence and narrative. A dedicated website was launched, prominently featuring athlete-centric profiles that allowed fans an intimate insight into their heroes' journeys, complemented by a "Wish" feature that cultivated national support and displayed a live counter of the growing support for the team. These profile pages were optimized for shareability, allowing the inspirational message to propagate across social media platforms. Parallelly, a captivating digital ad campaign was unveiled, resonating with the "Defy Barriers" theme and was paired with exclusive content like "Get to know your athletes" episodes and enticing behind-the-scenes glimpses. To round off the media presence, extensive PR coverage was rolled out, with in-depth articles about the team and the National Olympic Committee, coupled with live radio interviews, thereby bringing the athletes' voices and narratives directly into the homes and hearts of the people. On the technological front, the dedicated website not only promoted Team Sri Lanka but also featured innovative additions, allowing users to express their encouragement and wishes through video, voice, and text modalities.

Eventistry's comprehensive campaign for Team Sri Lanka garnered impressive media attention and audience engagement. With a widespread coverage of 787 articles, the message was loud and clear across various platforms. On the social media front, Facebook witnessed a staggering 3.3 million impressions with an outstanding reach of 2.7 million, translating into an engagement rate of 6.44%. Instagram, too, showcased impressive metrics with 1.2 million impressions and a significant follower growth. Financially, the campaign drew an impressive 55 million+ in earned media value and managed to secure Rs. 10 million in sponsorship contributions. All these metrics collectively affirm the immense reach and success of the campaign, emphasizing Eventistry's impactful approach to storytelling and marketing.

Overall Campaign Impact:
Eventistry's campaign for Team Sri Lanka wasn't just about numbers; it was about creating a ripple effect of awareness, unity, and national pride. While the tangible metrics clearly indicate the campaign's widespread reach, its true success lay in its ability to rally a nation behind its athletes. The holistic approach adopted - from the website to PR, digital, and radio - ensured that every Sri Lankan, irrespective of their media consumption habits, felt connected to and proud of their Olympic representatives. The narrative of "Defying Barriers" transcended statistics, creating a lasting impact that resonated deeply with the audience.

He has coached three Olympians, Barry Cowan (Sydney 2000) with Liam Broady and Marcus Daniell involved in Tokyo 2021 where Marcus made history with Mike Venus, winning bronze, New Zealand’s first ever tennis medal. Apart from success in tennis on the ATP/WTA tours, he coaches mindset to private clients including international cricketers, a pro golfer who recently won her first European Tour title, several college athletes and is a consultant who has worked with the likes of Chelsea and Fulham Football Clubs. He has a best selling book Locker Room Power and a successful online program called Mindset College. A graduate of the Berkeley Executive Coaches Institute (BECI) as well as earning a European Mentoring (EMCC) diploma. He illustrates that whilst his coaching is based firmly in applied psychology, sound theory sits behind his knowledge.
The romanticism in Ankush is primarily sparked by anything to do with sports. Far from being a dreamy kind of impulse, it is a burning desire to get sports events underway with maximum efficiency, providing athletes a setting to perform without limitations and for fans, an event worth their while. For over 15 years, Ankush has been at the forefront of India’s sporting setup, engaging with world-class franchises such as the Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, Star Sports Premier Badminton League and Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League as a proven specialist in Tournament Direction and Event Operations Management. More recently, he was also involved in the Lanka Premier League as Head of Operations and Marketing. Ankush joins the ranks at Eventistry Sports in bringing his ‘A-Game’ to Sri Lankan sports arenas. Based on his extensive track record, the local industry is undoubtedly going to benefit from a much needed international-level approach to sports marketing. Ankush himself is excited at the prospect of working with the massive potential Sri Lanka has in becoming a sports tourism destination. Through his collaboration with Eventistry Sports, Ankush believes a new paradigm for sports and branded events is inevitable and that ground zero when it all happens, will be right here in paradise isle.
Ishara is in his element when the need of the hour is content for channels or channels to drive content. This ability of being able to manage superhuman volumes of communication streams makes him a critical asset in Eventistry Sports’ evolved angle for modern sports marketing, where the effective use of tech will determine the achievement of set objectives. Not much for engaging in physical sports, Ishara is an extreme e-sports fan showing deadly competence on Call of Duty. He does however, love cricket and derives a sense of pride from the Sri Lankan team’s exploits on the field, focusing on it as an effective touchpoint for driving audience engagement on social media. Since joining Eventistry Sports, Ishara has steadily gained an understanding on the dynamics of sporting events and their marketing aspect. To date, he has many projects under his belt, for which he has exclusively managed the marketing and digital media execution, as well as more specific deliverables such as setting up of media services, live-streaming events and real-time content generation. As is to be expected, Ishara’s vision for sports marketing involves the integration of tech and using its capabilities of connectivity and engaging content delivery to create unforgettable experiences for fans both on and off-ground, while simultaneously enhancing the reach brands have with their audiences.
Rebellious in attitude and proven exceptionally capable through a string of global brand communication experiences, Karin brings her innate understanding of the interplay between sports and sporting fans to create campaigns of heightened appeal. Her grounding in sports comes from early childhood itself, when she took on the demanding yet exhilarating training regimes of ballet, before subsequently also engaging in competitive swimming and tennis at a later age. As a fan, a variety of sports capture her passionate interest; from F1 (favourite team being Red Bull), ice skating and gymnastics (for their display of strength and artistry) and Baseball (Dodgers FTW!). Lately though, through her time in Eventistry Sports, Karin has also become a devout follower of Rugby and Cricket. Being so athletically inclined, Karin knows exactly what kind of setting makes for a great sporting event, one that delivers on fan expectations while inspiring athletes and teams to perform at their best. A visceral and innovative thinker, she sees opportunities for their holistic value and gets about constructing platforms that allow sporting talents to shine. As a result, every event becomes a value-driven engagement where brands and fans have much to gain from. Karin believes from her core that the world of sports has much untapped potential and that Eventistry Sports would be there at the forefront to take on the challenge of expanding the boundaries sports, enabling both athletes and brands to grow within its sphere.
A firebrand by nature, Ifham has always been ahead of the curve with his outlook for sports in Sri Lanka, so much so that in founding Eventistry Sports, he was also establishing the country’s first and only dedicated sports marketing agency. The realm of sports and what it represents has been captivating, driving and inspiring Ifham throughout his life, across many milestones. As a school-going athlete, he was constantly engaged in playing multiple sports with basketball, rugby and cricket taking centre-focus. And, when he wasn’t playing, he would be following cricket, football and of course, F1 racing with frenzied interest, passionate fandoms that if at all, have intensified with time. As far as professional experience goes, Ifham has built himself a solid repertoire starting with his extensive accomplishments at Red Bull (including setting up Red Bull’s global cricket asset – Red Bull Campus Cricket), to promoting sporting events in collaboration with Sri Lanka Tourism and now, providing leadership to every single project Eventistry Sports takes on. With the continued success of his companies Eventistry and The Quest Ltd., Ifham displays a good head for business, always ensuring that the numbers are met in delivering optimal outcomes for collaborating brands and sporting teams. Competitiveness, survival and strategic victories, closely held values all drawn from sporting discipline, make Ifham a true catalyst for the evolution of the sports medium in Sri Lanka. Ifham’s vision for sports marketing is ambitious. He believes it to be the driver for raising the country’s sports industry to a professional level that is on par with global standards, where athletes can have sustained careers both on and off-field. Achieving this however, require brands and corporates to also believe in the potential of sports as a compelling platform for driving awareness and connecting on an emotional scale with audiences. With attended events making a comeback and sporting interests diversifying, the scope is finally opening up to take sports marketing several notches higher. In short, Ifham’s mission has now kicked into high gear.